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“...Antonia Walker creates pictures of delicate, geisha-like women, enigmatic portrait groups and landscapes depicting Italian villages and the Virginia countryside, evoking the work of such masters as Vermeer, Manet, and Cezanne. Images are filtered and diffused through a soft pearlescent light, the use of dry, fresco-like colors also underscores remembered levels of emotion and experience...Do her paintings describe the reality of the moment or the sensation conjured up by its recollection?”


Cheryl Kampfler

Director, The Arts Club Washington DC

April, 2001





“....Her figures are sketched in, but firmly so, with decades of the effort of life drawing behind the turn of a shoulder. They have a dreamlike quality as if they are caught in a moment out of time. The flowers act as a source of painterly light. They also open up the space of the pictures with their grace....What is rarely approached in painting and photography is the brilliance of light and color in the full foliage of spring. Walker

achieves a successful semblance of it in ‘Orchard Scents’. There is something withheld here despite the freedom of the application of paint....”


John Blee

The Georgetowner

June 18, 2005

THE WATERFORD FAIR, October 6, 7, and 8

Antonia's studio will be open during The Waterford Fair,
October 6, 7, and 8, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11 to 5 each day.


The studio is located in the old Chair Factory on Second St. in Waterford, VA.

At other times the studio is open by appointment.




If you have a special request please send  an email to Antonia Walker
and she will return you query as soon as possible. Thank you




Recent paintings by Antonia Walker can be seen at
Susan Calloway Gallery
, 1643 Wisconsin Ave in

Washington DC.   202 965-4601
and the
Handwright Gallery, New Canaan CT


While on annual painting trip to Provence, capturing the vibrant colors of a lavender field near Roussillion.




Through the arrangement of light, color and space in a painting, I try to interpret the beauty of the land, the water and the figure in a way that conveys mystery and emotion.


Light and memory affects the landscape of the mind as well as the vanishing landscape of nature. The long shadows of afternoon light or the sparkling freshness of morning

sun gives the painter a range of blues, violets, burnished golds and glowing greens that can be suggestive or poetic.


Often the fragmented light of afternoon glances off land and
architecture causing a distorted reality which breaks patterns
and colors into dreamlike shapes. One is drawn into the landscape
as dusk darkens the rivers and farmlands. With the figure I try to
interpret gestures with light and colors that recall a state of being.


Since I was a child I have been fascinated by the differing shapes
and colors at times of the days as well as the emotional presence
suggested by a face or the gesture of a person.


Antonia Walker has become known for her paintings of the light and color of the Virginia countryside as well as images of Italy and France.  The artist received a BFA from the University of Georgia where she studied painting and printmaking and later attended graduate school at George Washington University when she studied with William Woodward in Brittany. Earlier while living in South America, she studied drawing and anatomy with Spanish sculptor, Benjamin Saul.


Antonia just returned from a residency at the American Academy in Rome where she was provided a studio in which to work.  Her first residency in Rome was in 1998. During both trips she traveled around Italy visiting Venice, Lake Como, Tuscany and Umbria to draw and paint, and to study the art and architecture. For several years she has gone to Provence to paint the fields and hill villages of the countryside.


The artist’s work has been represented in many collections including the Arts-in-Embassy program of the State Department, and in many corporate and private collections throughout the country including the  NASA Art collection and also the Xerox Corporation, the Waterford Foundation, the Journey through Hallowed Ground, the National Gallery of Art and the Washington Post.


The artist’s work can be seen at the Susan Calloway Gallery in Washington, DC, the Handwright Gallery in New Canaan, Connecticut, and the artist’s Studio in Waterford, VA.




2011             Visiting Artist – Residency at the The American Academy in Rome.


1998             Visiting Artist – Residency at the The American Academy in Rome, Italy


1996-1994   Fellowship Grant – The Studio School, Washington, DC


1990             Guest Artist – NASA Shuttle Launch, Cape Canaveral, Florida


1979–1981   M.F.A. Painting studies in Brittany and Italy   Studied with William Woodward

                      George Washington University, Washington, DC


1970             Studied with Spanish sculptor, Benjamin Saul, San Salvador, El Salvador


1966             BFA, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia







2013             “Colors” Handwright Gallery, two person show, New Canaan, CT


2012             “Images of Italy” Solo Show & Lecture, Southwestern Virginia College


2011            Handwright Gallery, New Canaan CT


2008             “Recent Work” Solo show Susan Calloway Gallery, Washington, DC


2004             “Landscapes”  Gallery 222,  Leesburg, VA


2002             “Recent Paintings”  Longview Gallery, Sperryville, VA


2001             “Transitions”   Arts Club, Washington, DC,  solo show


2002              Juried by Eliza Rathbone, chief curator at The Phillips Collection, Wash., DC,


1998             “Italian Works” Nancy Booth Gallery,  Washington, DC


1996             National Symphony Showcase House, Washington, DC – Solo show


1995             Solo Show,  George Washington University


1990             “Arts-in-Embassy Program”  U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC


1992             Solo show, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA


1983             Solo Show  - The Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC


1981             Washington Project for the Arts. Juried group show


1975             Solo Show – Galleria Forma, San Salvador, El Salvador







Xerox Corporation, Rochester, NY


Project HOPE,  Millwood, VA


Xerox Corporation, Leesburg VA


Lansdowne Resorts, Leesburg, VA


Waterford Foundation, Waterford, VA


Loudoun County Circuit Courts, Loudoun County, VA


NASA Collection, Cape Canaveral, FL


The Wyndham Resorts


Journey though Hallowed Ground


Johns Hopkins University Hospital







2006             Organized and taught Painting Workshop in  Provence, France


1994-2008    Founding teacher, oil painting, watercolor and drawing

                       Loudoun Academy of the Arts, Leesburg, VA


1980-1983    Adjunct professor in painting and drawing

                       Lord Fairfax Community College, Middletown, VA


1970              Founding teacher, Artes Plasticas Program at the

                       Escuela des Artes Plastica, San Salvador, El Salvador


1968-1970    Founded arts program at the two Municipal Orphanages for Boys

                       San Salvador, El Salvador


Antonia Walker has become known for her paintings of the Virginia countryside as well as images of Italy and France.